Wardrobe BOX 15 C/F 24″X21″X48″

$22.00 $19.00

Wardrobe Boxes In Las Vegas

 Where to get wardrobe boxes in Las Vegas:

 Are you moving and looking to transport the contents of your wardrobe without the usual hassle associated with a big move? Sky van linesLas Vegas # 1 packing supplies and services company, has a large inventory of various wardrobe boxes to suit all your apparel needs.


 The Perks Of Buying A Wardrobe Box From Sky van lines:

The best thing about our wardrobe boxes is that they serve as fully-functional makeshift closets. Our stand-up double wall wardrobe box comes with a metal bar so that you can hang up your shirts, dresses, and other clothing accessories like you would in your very own closet, if only you had the space to do so! The bottom of the wardrobe box is perfect for holding your shoes and other smaller items.






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