Two Bedroom Kit Las Vegas


20 book boxes.
10 small linen boxes.
5 large linen boxes.
5 china/dish/kitchen boxes.
6 wardrobe boxes including metal bars.
1 tape gun with 2 tapes.
6 rolls of tape(TAN)
2 mattress cover – king, queen, twin, full.
50/f of bubble wrap or white packing paper-10 lb. box.
1 marker.

Total of 46 moving boxes PLUS moving supplies.




If you are one of the select few lucky enough to score a two-bedroom apartment in   Las Vegas, you understand what a find you have stumbled upon. In order to transport your life’s possessions to your new own private paradise in Dallas, you will need a two-bedroom kit. Each of our box kits has been tailor-made to suit your particular demands; whatever they may be. So, if you are moving and require quality boxes to bring you from out-of-town status to acclaimed Las Vegas resident status, consider our two-bedroom kit set.


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Here at Sky Van Lines, we understand the ins and outs of the moving process. Because of this, we offer you, the customer, the best deals the moving biz has to offer. Free next-day delivery is a promise we uphold regardless of your order. If you purchase a two-bedroom kit which includes 30 boxes of varying sizes and uses, you can utilize our same day delivery policy. Or, if you would prefer to build your own kit, and you end up purchasing fewer boxes than that found in our two-bedroom kit set, the same deal still applies. If you are interested, we also provide on-site moving estimates free of charge. Better yet, if you purchase too many boxes and are bothered by the unused boxes cramping up space in your home, we will take them off your hands with our buy-back policy. Money saved certainly is money earned!





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