Three Bedroom Kit Las Vegas

35 book boxes.
18 small linen boxes.
10 large linen boxes.
8 china/dish boxes.
12 wardrobe boxes including metal bars.
18 rolls of tape(TAN)
3 mattress cover – king, queen, twin, full.
100/f of bubble wrap or 25 lb. of white packing paper.

Total of 83 moving boxes PLUS moving supplies.

Scoring a three-bedroom apartment in LAS VEGAS is considered like being in possession of the holy grail of urban real estate. Accordingly, such a spacious abode demands fitting accouterments to accentuate its elevated status. That is where our three-bedroom kit comes in. When you purchase  three bedroom kit, you know that all your bases have been covered from a moving standpoint. Our standard three bedroom kit has been specially designed with you, the consumer, in mind. We fully understand that not just any three bedroom kit will stand up to this task and be sufficient for your home decorating needs. That is why our three bedroom kit sold in the heart of  LAS VEGAS includes a plethora of book boxes, small and large linen boxes, china boxes, wardrobe boxes as well as bubble wrap, packing tape, and packing paper. We can safely say that if you choose to purchase a three bedroom kit from LAS VEGAS -based moving company , the furnishings for every single room of your new domicile will be properly boxed up, ready to accent your enviably commodious home.

The Sky Van Lines Every-Day Promise:
When you order a premiere three bedroom kit in LAS VEGAS, you are guaranteed free next-day delivery irrespective of your order total. In addition, we offer free on-site assessments should you require the help of movers. And, in the instance that you purchased too many boxes, we will gladly buy back any extra items you purchased with us. Kindly retain your receipt for a hassle-free exchange.



Three Bedroom Kit Las Vegas


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