One Bedroom Kit Las Vegas


One Bedroom Kit Las Vegas

15 book boxes
8 small linen boxes.
4 large linen boxes.
3 china/dish/kitchen boxes.
4 wardrobe boxes including metal bars.
1 tape gun with 2 tapes.
4 rolls of tape(TAN).
1 mattress cover – king, queen, twin, full.
30/f of bubble wrap or white packing paper-10 lb. box.


Every college student who dorms in   Las Vegas knows that time of year following a grueling week of finals where he or she must pack up his/her belongings for the long summer haul. The end of the academic year certainly brings with it a sense of relief, at least temporarily so. While it may seem that packing up the contents of one’s life requires superhuman effort, the purchase of a single Packing us one-room kit rids one of all that unnecessary exertion. In fact, if you are wise enough to buy a one-bedroom moving kit from us, then you will see that half the work is already done for you!

An All-Inclusive One Room Kit:

Our all-inclusive one-bedroom kits have been specially built with the student in mind. If you have already amassed a library of college textbooks as is typical at   Las Vegas NV colleges, you will appreciate our quality book boxes. If you consider yourself fashion-forward and use the campus grounds as a runway for your superior flair, you will likewise, be grateful for our linen boxes, which are ideal for packing away your apparel. Our kitchen boxes are well-suited for the college student who did not cease to prepare home-cooked meals or grill to his/her heart’s desire while away at college. Our mattress covers, keep your mattress in prime condition so you can look forward to many more restful nights on that mattress of yours. And of course, boxing tape, bubble wrap / packing paper and markers come with your one room packing kit for your consideration.

The one-bedroom kit is also ideal for anyone who lives in a Las Vegas NV studio.



One Bedroom Kit Las Vegas


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